Saturday, November 24, 2007

a thanksgiving for the ages

isn't thanksgiving a funny holiday?  i think it's somewhat humorous and ironic that we as americans, i hear the fattest country in the world, have a holiday devoted to eating.  and not just eating anything.  eating fatty, sugary, gooey, delicious, comfort foods.  no, there is no religious or theological meaning to any of it.  eating to celebrate a large feast the settlers of our nation had long long ago.  how interesting, how bizarre.  

by the way, none of this is to say that i don't enjoy eating these things.  i love it all.  this year was somewhat disappointing in the fact that not only did i overeat, but i definitely gorged myself at two, not just one, dinners.  i didn't really get to savour the goodness of these meals, as time was rushed, and i didn't even get to lie around like the beached whale i was in a thanksgiving nap.  plus neither of the meals took place where i live so there were no leftovers to fill my stretched out belly the next day.  sad times. 

i did, however, make time to look at the ads in the newspaper for the coming sales on the blackest of fridays.  having little to no extra money is a bummer while scouring the good deals.  in the end, zack and i didn't even get up for the door-busters.  we did go to target later in the day and made a few necessary purchases (christmas story on dvd, lights for a tree we don't have yet, and a rain-check for catch phrase).  good thing we still had some gift cards from our wedding...

moving on, i was pretty proud of my contribution to the festivities.  i made two types of sweet potatoes.  one recipe was roasted sweet potatoes with herbs, very tasty, and the other was sweetened mashed sweet potatoes with a struesal topping.  i used to always hate sweet potatoes when i was little and avoided them like the plague, but now i've acquired quite a love for them.  my final contribution were carrots glazed with lemon.  quite enjoyed those too.  

anyway, i could talk till the cows come home about good food but for now i must ready myself for my second shift at my new job.  yes, i work (as a third part time job) at a christmas tree lot.  it's actually kind of fun though, cause i work with zack and some of his friends.  just like hanging out, except it's really cold, there's christmas music, and everything smells like sap.  more later.

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