Saturday, December 29, 2007


ok, so maybe it was trying a little hard to be cool. i noticed this in the opening credits that just dragged on too long, ignored it through the rest of the movie, and ended up very pleasantly surprised. michael cera is such a great little nerd. i would definitely say that i would own this movie. you should go see it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

a toast for gaby

we drank a toast to innocence...

we drank a toast to time...

Just for a moment I was back at school
And felt that old familiar pain
And as I turned to make my way back home
The snow turned into rain --

thank you dan fogelberg for the cheesiest holiday song that will forever be stuck in my head. if you have not heard "same old lang syne", please humor me and listen to it. gaby and i heard it once and have had a running joke about it since. enjoy.

oh tannenbaum, oh tannenbaum

we got our tree a few weeks ago (at the same dreaded tree lot we work at), but i haven't had a card reader to download the pictures from my camera. so now look at our tree.

we got the ornaments at d.i. and savers and the lights the day after thanksgiving for $2. we had so much fun decorating it. then we had fun photographing ourselves with it.

good times at the tree lot

whether or not you knew, zack and i have been working part time at a tree lot this holiday season. it's been pretty awesome, let me tell you. here a few pictures from the worst day there, which i sadly shot from the safe, dry, warm shed where the cashiers (me) get the hang out.

can someone please tell me why it was so busy during such a storm? do people find it charming to pick out a snow covered tree and make the poor workers trudge along and tie trees to their cars in a blizzard? zack was soaked and possibly frost-bitten when we finally got to leave.

i also like zack's tree lot outfit. just thought i'd let everyone enjoy. do you see how wet he got? so awful.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

if i could make anything...

can i just say that sally mann sure has the right idea? any photo she takes is beautiful, just beautiful, even the little girl smoking. please, why am i so uninspired and so lazy and so lame? i need to make photos that feel this perfect.

awesome calendar

my friend showed this calendar to me the other day and now i'm obsessed with owning it. who knew i liked kate spade?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

stealing gaby's idea

my dearest of friends, gaby, wrote a list of little known facts about herself on her blog and it sounded like such a fun idea. i don't know if people even read this, so it may not bring anything to light for anyone, but it will keep me entertained. here goes:

-i don't really care for any blue food and try to avoid it when possible.

-i usually start listening to christmas music in october, though if there was enough variety i could probably listen to it year round

-there was a time when i thought i'd rather be a concert pianist than a photographer/ artist. i took piano lessons for 13 years.

-i would secretly love to go to culinary arts school

-i want to be a regular at a restaurant sometime, so i walk in and they know what i'll order before i order it
-i want to learn to play the lap steel

-whenever i'm sick all i want to eat is homemade mac and cheese and ice cream

-i already have a good portion of my funeral planned out, at the ripe old age of 23
-at some point i want to live in a tiny old town that's so small everybody knows everyone else
-i've always preferred odd numbers to even ones

-and last but not least, i can hardly stand sleeping next to someone and not cuddling, regardless of who it is. even ask gaby.

well, i hope someone enjoys that as much as i did.