Thursday, October 9, 2008

delayed response

so gaby tagged me ages ago, and i just haven't gotten around to responding yet. such a bad blogger. here goes...

10 years ago i...
1. was just starting high school
2. thought i wanted to major in piano performance
3. hated wearing shorts and short skirts
4. loved u2, the cranberries, and bush
5. was definitely chubbier than i am now

5 things on today's to-do list
1. get ready for the day at some point
2. retouch amelia bedelia pictures for mip's (my sister's) freelance design job
3. take vitamins and drink lots, cause now i'm definitely getting a cold
4. help zack shave his head again
5. clean, clean, clean

5 snacks i enjoy
1. goldfish crackers, whole grain variety (although i do thoroughly enjoy the new graham goldfish)
2. anything to do with ice cream or frozen yogurt
3. trader joe's peanut butter filled pretzels
4. trader joe's vanilla almond granola bars
5. dried fruit

5 places i have lived
1. salt lake city, ut
2. provo, ut
3. new york, ny
4. south provo, ut
5. and new york again

5 jobs i have had
1. photo processor- campus photo, provo
2. photo archivist/ darkroom printer- special collections, harold b. lee library, byu campus
3. studio manager for photographer rodney smith, palisades, ny
4. assistant for photographer nicole hill/ retoucher- rubberball, orem, ut
5. freelance photographer/ retoucher- uncommon goods, brooklyn, ny

5 pet peeves
1. people being unnecessarily rude
2. the bed being unmade when i get in it at night. i can't stand the sheets and blankets all twisted.
3. people with disgusting habits in public places (i.e. picking their nose next to me on the subway, smoking right in front of my while walking on the sidewalk)
4. unruly children whose parent's don't really care
5. apartments with major problems and landlords who don't care

5 things that bring me joy
1. rainy fall days
2. pumpkins (i'm really not trying to copy gaby, we just happen to have some things in common)
3. my family, especially zack, and friends
4. a good road trip
5. a good treat (ice cream or anything pumpkin flavored preferably)

5 people i tag
1. zack
2. adam and darcie
3. ashley mae
4. clay and ashley
5. marc

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

sorry for the lack of blogging

busy times here.  we've gone to pennsylvania, jersey, and utah.  we watched conference.  we applied for apartments.  we applied for jobs.  we've just been busy in general.  things will happen on this blog soon though.  wait for it.