Tuesday, February 12, 2008


i've really been wanting an antique locket lately. look at this one i found on ebay:

Monday, February 11, 2008

capital sings hoagy carmichael

if any of you out there like old jazz, please listen to this album.  hoagy carmichael wrote so many great songs.  the cover art is really ugly, so sorry about that, but it's so good, you won't regret it.


such a beautiful and tragic film.  i recommend it to anyone (but must warn that you may find it a little dirty).  don't the costumes just make you want to be a costume designer?  i would kill for that job.

cute tea cups

so, the main thing i wanted for christmas was a set of teacups, and zack delivered.  look at these amazing vintage carnival glass beauties:

i use them at every chance possible.  even tonight when i wanted a drink of milk.  teacups are definitely multi-functional.

the cake i made...

so we decided last night to have our parental units over.  it seemed like a bit much to do dinner for everyone, so we did dessert instead.  i made this cake:

don't think i'm disgusting, but it's a chocolate mayonnaise cake.  it sounds sick, but you don't add as many eggs and no oil or butter, just mayonnaise.  or light mayonnaise in my case.  i substituted some almond extract for part of the vanilla and made an almond cream cheese icing.  still trying to wean out sugar... but it was real good...

resolutions revisited...

so, i'm not doing as well as i should, but that was what the grace period was for, right?

i'm exercising, i'm eating healthier (although i haven't cut out sugar completely), i'm making more and spending less.  

i'm still trying to be better though.  it's a gradual process.