Wednesday, January 2, 2008

so long candy

well, i figure if i really want to make my resolutions work even partially this year, i'll have to be more public about them. here is a list of my goals. maybe i'll try them out for a couple weeks and report back. i think i'll give myself a month or so to make adjustments, then i'm sticking to them. during this year i will...

-read my scriptures every day

-exercise at least 3 times a week (walking up the stairs from our basement apt. does not count)

-make at least 3 things a week that i would be proud to call my own. i.e. photographs, books, art, something sewn, a new or different recipe, etc.

-cut refined sugar out of my diet, which includes (but is not limited to): cookies, cake, pie, candy, pastries, ice cream, brownies, etc. i will allow an occasional sugar free something and 2-3 sweets on holidays and vacations.

-save all my receipts, create a budget, and organize everything from last year to do my taxes sometime before the 14th of april.

-save money for the move to ny. why does it seem like my endless task to save money for moving? maybe one day i'll settle. until then, i will save.

well, that seems like a pretty hefty list but i sure want to try. any suggestions on keeping my goals?