Tuesday, April 28, 2009

blair family, candice stringham, and styling

the other day i helped long time friend candice stringham on styling a photo shoot of the lovely blair family. if you have never read design mom, you should. it will blow your mind. anyway, the blairs are moving and it just worked out for all of us to collaborate on this wonderful shoot. take a look at candice's blog too. she does great work.

Monday, April 27, 2009


yesterday my lovely sister trish and i went to, what we so lovingly refer to as, beach church. it's when the weather is really nice on a sunday and you go to the beach, (sometimes instead of the end of church, hence the title "beach church"). it was a perfect, relaxing afternoon spent enjoying nature. after returning home with a crazy splochy sunburn in odd places, however, i have decided that i am grounded from putting on my own sunscreen. i wouldn't be so upset about a sunburn if i hadn't put in the effort to stop it from happening. joke's on me i guess.

"looks like someone needs to visit dr. z (the "dermatologist" who advertises in the subway)" says zack.

marty robbins

zack got this record for me a while ago after i told him my dad used to sing "el paso" to me as a little girl. i love love love marty robbins these days. can't get enough of that smooth, mellow, old-timey country music. give it a try, you probably won't regret it.

it was just like christmas

speaking of that conference, zack realized a few days ahead of time that he didn't have some of the things he needed for the presentation. they were home in utah. safely stored away in his parent's closet. and his parents were in california. rats. so i had to get a last minute flight (four hours before having to leave for the airport) and jet off to sunny utah. woe is me. only when i got there it wasn't so sunny. it was snowy. it felt like coming home for christmas.

while in utah i went to treasures antique mall in springville with my brother mike, my mom, and my grandma. as usual, it did not disappoint. after several hours browsing all the different booths we went to the art city trolley for lunch. yum.

i didn't take many pictures while in utah unfortunately. but i did spend a lot of time with friends and family and had so much fun.

p.s. just for your own reference carry on baggage can't actually be as large as they say it can. at least not on continental. my bag even fit in the little box they have for you to check the size, but they made me check it anyway. that silly crabby lady. oh well, at least i didn't have to pay to check it.

the thing zack made me

last weekend zack and dear friend dan barney were collaborating on a presentation at the national art educators conference in minneapolis. apparently they had people there trying to pimp their products. zack drew this for me there and it arrived in the mail today as a beautiful, shiny, plastic plate. any questions?

Friday, April 10, 2009

so remember when i used to post sometimes?

well, here you go. a few weeks ago we had some friends in town and rode the free staten island ferry with them. here are some shots from the trip.