Saturday, July 19, 2008

feist was awesome

i loved her presentation.  the overhead projector performance art was amazing!  go on youtube and look it up if you haven't seen her on this tour.  my little point and shoot just couldn't do it justice.  thanks so much nicole!  it was the best going away present ever!

my last day at rubberball...

first thing, we went to see the new batman movie, as a company.  it was creepy and amazing.  so much like the cartoon series i faithfully watched as a child.  they even gave out free popcorn and drinks.  what a great breakfast.

then nicole, cause she's such a great friend, helped me pack my strange belongings in a cardboard spoon box so i would be all ready.  aren't the flowers she gave me beautiful?  actually most of my belongings were gifted to me by nicole.  the french tapes, the little plant that may or may not be dying...

oh how i'll miss that little office and hanging out with the girls (nicole, capree, and molly)

then as i left molly wanted to make sure i wasn't going to be lonely, so she offered to be my chauffeur.  unfortunately nicole wasn't ready to part with molly, so i had to decline the offer.  boo.  i'm going to miss that dog.

p.s. i made a mix cd to give away as a goodbye.  be sure to visit nicole's blog and comment on her post before sunday evening to be considered.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

one time i ordered this at a restaurant

it was supposed to be a chicken pot pie, the least meaty item on the menu.  i maybe ate 1/4 of it before it sunk my ship.  apparently it made zack want to die too.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

cause there ain't no doubt i love this land...

our splendid fourth of july...
come on, where else could you camp out on the street and wake up to a parade with floats like this?  

some good times at sundance
and some awesome stadium of fire fireworks.  we could even hear hannah montana a little.  what a day.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

night music

some of my images (some different ones actually made it in the show):

thanks ever so much to jenica.
some of my monsters:

the location:
one of the walls with everyone's work and a very disgruntled zack:
the show is still up until the end of july with all of zack's and my work up for silent auction.  go see it.

when my brother eloped and i was invited...

they decided a few days in advance, went to the s.l. county clerk's office, and took the plunge.

and all for $44

these were our main customers at the yard sale, ashley and davie...although the real money makers were the die-hards that came into the garage and made themselves at home rummaging through stuff that wasn't for sale before we even set up (in the yard where "yard sales" take place) at 7:30.  good times.

back in the day...

these are from zack's graduation.  sorry these weren't posted earlier.  

he graduated with a bfa in photography from byu as well and actually spoke at graduation.  i'm oh so proud of my little husband.