Tuesday, November 24, 2009

don't be thankful like the pilgrims

i was on the train today and this rad guy was playing a very cheap looking electric guitar plugged into a tiny amp he was wearing on a strap like a shoulder bag. it sounded similar to the "freedom for my people" track on u2's rattle and hum (minus the harmonica). listen here. he was playing a blues song. it was amazing. at the end he told the whole car something like this:

"thank you ladies and gentlemen, i want you all to be grateful this week. when the pilgrims came to america the indians taught them how to plant crops and get food, (etc.). the indians gave them all that and you know what the pilgrims gave them back? the small pox. don't be grateful like the pilgrims, ladies and gentlemen, be grateful by making someone's life better."

it was so great. and it makes me really want to be grateful by making someone's life better, cause that guy made my terribly long train ride a little better.