Tuesday, May 19, 2009


we have internet again, after a full week without it! turns out the circuit we were connected to broke. not our fault. and it only took zack and i both about 6 hours on the phone, a million different stories from a million different people, and me yelling at a man named ben (whom i could hardly understand) to resolve the whole thing. one thing i will say is this: if you can avoid dealing with verizon in any way, shape, or form, do. please do.

Monday, May 11, 2009

aren't old photos amazing?

when i was in utah i went with my mom to my grandparents house. they pulled out some old photo albums and i took a few photos of their old prints.

this is my grandparents. weren't they such a good looking couple?

this is my dad as a baby. people used to tell my grandma what a beautiful girl they had. they just thought his blue eyes and blond curls were so pretty.

and this is maybe one of my favorite photos ever. this is my two uncles and my dad. from left to right: uncle wayne, uncle bill, my dad. priceless. it makes me want to play cowboys and indians.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

to all you lovely mother's out there (especially my mom) happy mother's day! this is a picture of my mom and me from my wedding. she does so much for me and i'm so thankful for her.

this is what they handed out in church today, flowers for all the mothers (and future mothers).

my primary girls (ctr 5 class) loved my single pink tulip so much, they decided to take turns holding it. sadly the stem didn't make it through the end of church. i still think it looks nice chopped off in this little bottle though.

Friday, May 8, 2009


how many times have you actually watched the sun rise? i can pretty much admit that i haven't done it many a time. but i did today. as i was driving back to new york in a chinatown bus, the sun was rising over the skyline. isn't it amazing?


so i decided last minute to go to richmond, va to visit my sister anne a few days ago. richmond is such a cool place. so much cool architecture. i was able to go with anne to one of her projects (a building up for historic nomination). it was a cool old factory, now offices, that will be turned into condos. unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of that place. here is an average street in richmond, tons of old buildings.

we had a grand old time. we ate at buzz & ned's barbeque, which was amazing.

we went to a really cool antique mall, west end antiques. i found some pretty cool little things there. these are a few treasures i didn't purchase. next time.

a cool motel sign we passed

this was in hollywood cemetery. i'm not sure if there's something wrong with me or not, but i secretly love old cemeteries. they are fascinating to me. this one has over 18,000 confederate soldiers buried in it. it makes me want to learn more about the cival war.

this is a cool old theatre, the byrd that still plays movies. on saturday nights a man plays the mighty wurlitzer (the theatre's organ) before the movie. i'm so sad i wasn't there on a saturday to hear him play. definitely going to do that next time though.

Yay eric!!

my little brother eric received his mission call today! and the verdict is...

the guatemala, guatemala city south mission!!!

it looks like a beautiful city and country.

i wasn't with him when he opened it, but he sounded very excited over the phone. congratulations eric!! we're all so proud of you!

he reports to the provo, ut missionary training center on august 5th (my birthday) to begin training and learning spanish.

*zack was betting on russia, i was betting on brazil. i was sort of close.