Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lillian crowe jewelry

while at the brooklyn flea, i fell in love with lillian crowe's jewelry. i couldn't pass up buying one of her necklaces, although it was tough to choose which one. i ended up getting the small whistle.

but it was a tough choice between that, the ball locket,

and the silhouette.

all so cool. check out her website here.

best chocolate cupcakes

speaking of good desserts...

my sister trish introduced me to the world's best chocolate cupcakes. the place is the chocolate room, also in brooklyn. i don't even buy into the whole cupcake craze. cupcakes are fine, but they're not to die over. usually. these cupcakes, however, are so moist (but not like cake mixes that are crumbly) and the frosting, oh the frosting. i could eat a whole tub of it. in fact, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. it's super creamy and rich. it tastes like melted chocolate, and it's smooth, dark, and shiny. i don't know how it's possible, but it is the best thing i can imagine. go try it for yourself.

best darn red velvet cake ever

last saturday i went with my sister mip and bro-in-law hadleigh to brooklyn to check out the brooklyn flea (which had some really cool stuff, by the way). before we could make it there, we had to stop at the cake man's tiny brooklyn shop and get some red velvet cake for the road. that's all they sell there, with or without nuts. and it's amazing. go have some.

Monday, May 24, 2010


hey everybody, we're moving to wales! zack has been accepted into the mfa program at university of wales newport. the semester starts in october so we'll be packing up here in september, heading to utah for a bit, and then hitting the road for newport. we'll be sort of sad to leave new york, but we're so exciting to be moving on.

p.s. guess what the population of sheep is in wales. it's a lot more than people.