Monday, May 24, 2010


hey everybody, we're moving to wales! zack has been accepted into the mfa program at university of wales newport. the semester starts in october so we'll be packing up here in september, heading to utah for a bit, and then hitting the road for newport. we'll be sort of sad to leave new york, but we're so exciting to be moving on.

p.s. guess what the population of sheep is in wales. it's a lot more than people.


Capree said...

Whoa, what! How exciting! Congrats to Zack on the acceptance. How long will you be there?

brenda barrett-taylor said...

2 years baby! it's a long time but it's going to be amazing!!

nicole hill gerulat said...

oh my gosh --are you serious? what a dream! i'm so excited for you! (and really jealous too) congrats, zack!