Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

crazy museums

while we were on the trip last weekend we went to the mercer museum and the fonthill museum both of which were insane.  both were built by henry mercer, one to house his collection of art and antique artifacts, the other for his own house.  

he was a tile maker by profession, but also loved archeology, history, art, etc.  he found it really important to collect and catalogue artifacts of everyday life, as well as art and historical objects.  he wanted his collection to be safe from fire and elements, so he built his house and his museum out of concrete, with totally inexperienced workers.  they would built what they wanted to room to be like with anything they could find and cover it with sand and concrete.  once the concrete was set, they would take out all the garbage.  they also made molds for the columns and things out of wood, so the concrete set with wood grain in it.  it was so crazy to see how much stuff he had in there.  everything from boats and carriages to old medical supplies and dishes were on the walls, in little rooms, on shelves, and even hanging from the ceiling.

unfortunately i could take any pictures inside, but the outsides were crazy too.  the picture on the left was his house, which he called his concrete castle, the one on the right is his museum.  nuts.  if you're ever in bucks county, it's definitely worth seeing.  check out this link.

our trip to pa

last weekend we went to pennsylvania and new jersey.  mostly to small towns, but we stopped in philly too before we headed home.  here are some photos.

this is frenchtown.  it was sunday evening when we got there so unfortunately not much was open.  it looked cute though.

so we hung out by the delaware river and took these pics.  good times.

zack's new little friend

stella smoot.  zack is rather good with kids.  it seems like they always take a liking to him.

Friday, September 5, 2008

astroland to close for good

i knew it was necessary to take that ride on the cyclone.  although the cyclone itself will not be closing, because it's a historic landmark, the park that surrounds it will close it's doors for good this sunday.  it's the end of an era.  read more here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

and the polaroids

coney island baby

zack and i finally went to coney island the other day.  we've been wanting to go ever since we got here.  here are some photos...

the parachute drop, no longer in operation.  it must have been a terrifying ride, frankly.

the wonder wheel.  unfortunately we didn't ride it this time.  it's so much fun.

we made it our goal to ride the cyclone before it closed for the season, so we did. 

sad things.  a remnant of playland, no longer in operation obviously, and a shot leaving coney through the subway window.

and then zack met woody allen