Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

night music

zack and i are going to collaborate with the wonderful dan and cass barney on an art show at mode boutique in provo.  i'm so excited to actually do something, for once.  i'm so lazy these days.  thanks ever so much to the barney's for inviting us.  after much deliberation and many scrapped ideas, the title is now "night music".  a flyer will be posted soon. 

possibly old news

but i love this album more than ever now that zack and i have it on vinyl.  i must say, the digital version almost doesn't do it justice.  but still, i will take the old time-y sounding twang and lovely voices in any form.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the other time

this was a self portrait for an assignment in school, ages ago.  the assignment was to recreate a movie poster.  i chose an old silent film, kriemhilde's revenge.  turns out that movie is really long and boring, but i still like this photo.  creepy, right?  these images were my inspiration:

that one time i used to photograph things

thank you chaunte for modeling

when we got engaged

zack and i got engaged on valentine's day, 2007.  he flew out to new york to surprise me.  i thought i had nowhere to be that night, so i had gathered up my laundry and was about to head out the door.  my sister trish suspiciously, and somewhat frantically, called my sister mip (whom zack was secretly staying with) to tell her what i was doing, but being the slow one i am, i didn't catch on.  someone knocked on the door just as i was about to leave, bags in hand, and low and behold, it was zack, all dressed up with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.  i kind of freaked out (plus the sad thing was i really didn't have any clothes clean).  i rummaged up something, and we went out to our restaurant (arte cafe).  

he didn't seem as hungry as normal, oddly enough, but i didn't seem to notice.  i was still a little shocked.  regardless, we had a lovely meal.  the thought only vaguely crossed my mind that he might propose, but i really didn't think he could afford a ring after the plane ticket.  and no ring was given...yet.  after dinner we walked to the metropolitan opera.  
did i mention it was one of the coldest, snowiest days of winter?  anyway, during the opera i got a huge stomach ache.  we left during intermission to get some sort of medication.  

we came back and the stomach only got worse.  so we left for good during the second intermission.  i wanted to take the underground way to the subway because it was so chilly, but he convinced me to walk outside, cause it really was beautiful, not to mention we had it to ourselves.  once we got by the fountain (after a very lovely confession of love) he got down on one knee (even in the snow) and popped the old question.  i cried a little.  a security guard who witnessed the event jaunted over calling out "congratulations!  that's a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing.  where's your camera?  let me take a picture."  thus resulted in this beautiful thing:

remember when...

oh, remember that one time we got engaged and married?  i have to say i'm pretty darn proud of our engagement picture.  after several hours of mixing wet collodion chemicals, coating plates, running between the darkroom and studio to shoot and develop the plate whilst still wet, and slight frustration, we ended up with this beaut.  thanks to zack for his sweet skills in the science of wet collodion photos and reed to his skills in shooting 8 x 10 glass plates.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

new hairstyle

well, i decided to chop it. i was going to wait until there were 12 inches to cut off to donate it, but then i found the pantene great lengths donation that only requires 8 inches and the deed was done.
then i was going to dye it brown (as my life long goal has been to have louise brooks' hair, as such:)

but i chickened out and went back to highlights. it's better for the summer anyway right? i'm going brown in the fall. no questions.  i'll post pics of it straight soon... maybe