Thursday, June 12, 2008

when we got engaged

zack and i got engaged on valentine's day, 2007.  he flew out to new york to surprise me.  i thought i had nowhere to be that night, so i had gathered up my laundry and was about to head out the door.  my sister trish suspiciously, and somewhat frantically, called my sister mip (whom zack was secretly staying with) to tell her what i was doing, but being the slow one i am, i didn't catch on.  someone knocked on the door just as i was about to leave, bags in hand, and low and behold, it was zack, all dressed up with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.  i kind of freaked out (plus the sad thing was i really didn't have any clothes clean).  i rummaged up something, and we went out to our restaurant (arte cafe).  

he didn't seem as hungry as normal, oddly enough, but i didn't seem to notice.  i was still a little shocked.  regardless, we had a lovely meal.  the thought only vaguely crossed my mind that he might propose, but i really didn't think he could afford a ring after the plane ticket.  and no ring was given...yet.  after dinner we walked to the metropolitan opera.  
did i mention it was one of the coldest, snowiest days of winter?  anyway, during the opera i got a huge stomach ache.  we left during intermission to get some sort of medication.  

we came back and the stomach only got worse.  so we left for good during the second intermission.  i wanted to take the underground way to the subway because it was so chilly, but he convinced me to walk outside, cause it really was beautiful, not to mention we had it to ourselves.  once we got by the fountain (after a very lovely confession of love) he got down on one knee (even in the snow) and popped the old question.  i cried a little.  a security guard who witnessed the event jaunted over calling out "congratulations!  that's a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing.  where's your camera?  let me take a picture."  thus resulted in this beautiful thing:


ashmae said...

i love your story. my sisters made zack tell the whole thing in detail when he filmed dane's wedding and we all were delighted once again by all your lovliness as a couple.

brenda barrett-taylor said...

oh thank you ash, that's so kind. i kind of love the story too. sometimes i can't help re-telling it.