Tuesday, April 28, 2009

blair family, candice stringham, and styling

the other day i helped long time friend candice stringham on styling a photo shoot of the lovely blair family. if you have never read design mom, you should. it will blow your mind. anyway, the blairs are moving and it just worked out for all of us to collaborate on this wonderful shoot. take a look at candice's blog too. she does great work.


sara said...

Brenda! Can't believe you were the stylist for this shoot... the Blairs are close family friends of ours. Small, small world.

How's life? Are you living in NY? If so, we must have you over to dinner. You and Travis can talk photography.

mrs. stratford

Hadleigh and Melissa Arnst said...

nice to see that tissue paper flower worked out. nice one.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the styling is simply spot on. Love the colors and floral action.

Good job indeed.