Monday, April 27, 2009


yesterday my lovely sister trish and i went to, what we so lovingly refer to as, beach church. it's when the weather is really nice on a sunday and you go to the beach, (sometimes instead of the end of church, hence the title "beach church"). it was a perfect, relaxing afternoon spent enjoying nature. after returning home with a crazy splochy sunburn in odd places, however, i have decided that i am grounded from putting on my own sunscreen. i wouldn't be so upset about a sunburn if i hadn't put in the effort to stop it from happening. joke's on me i guess.

"looks like someone needs to visit dr. z (the "dermatologist" who advertises in the subway)" says zack.


liz stanley said...

ha! i moved from ny a couple years ago and still remember those dr. z signs! they're still up? he must have some crazy connections with the mta advertising co

Kim said...

I think I might have to tell your mother you are skipping out on church. JK....Candice said you were great to work with. She really appreciated your help.