Saturday, December 1, 2007

stealing gaby's idea

my dearest of friends, gaby, wrote a list of little known facts about herself on her blog and it sounded like such a fun idea. i don't know if people even read this, so it may not bring anything to light for anyone, but it will keep me entertained. here goes:

-i don't really care for any blue food and try to avoid it when possible.

-i usually start listening to christmas music in october, though if there was enough variety i could probably listen to it year round

-there was a time when i thought i'd rather be a concert pianist than a photographer/ artist. i took piano lessons for 13 years.

-i would secretly love to go to culinary arts school

-i want to be a regular at a restaurant sometime, so i walk in and they know what i'll order before i order it
-i want to learn to play the lap steel

-whenever i'm sick all i want to eat is homemade mac and cheese and ice cream

-i already have a good portion of my funeral planned out, at the ripe old age of 23
-at some point i want to live in a tiny old town that's so small everybody knows everyone else
-i've always preferred odd numbers to even ones

-and last but not least, i can hardly stand sleeping next to someone and not cuddling, regardless of who it is. even ask gaby.

well, i hope someone enjoys that as much as i did.

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Gabrielle Germaine said...

Oh I enjoyed that... and happily knew most of it:) As for the cuddling, well when your in wyoming and it's cold, and your only other option is a creepy desk clerk at the motel.. you take what you can get. JK, remember how I was hovering on the edge of the bed as you just kept getting closer and closer.. lol, sigh good time good times!

P.S. I love being blogging friends!