Wednesday, November 14, 2007

our new found debt

a few days ago my husband found out about these special deals on computers at the bookstore on campus. not only were the computers being sold at a discounted student rate, but last night, as part of some pre-christmas sale, there was also no sales tax. our dream of owning a new imac suddenly because feasible, with the oh so generous financing the bookstore has to offer. (no, sadly, we could not afford the computer even with the discounts.) but being a student really does pay off. we got the microsoft office suite and cs2 for cheap (comparatively speaking), plus we got more ram added to our computer at 1/3 the price of doing it with apple, not to mention the fact that with the purchase of said imac, we got a free canon printer. granted it's pretty basic, but it has a scanner and it was free. no complaints here.

so the point of the story is, education is very important, especially the part about discounts that come along with being a student. and going into debt to further your education, build your credit, and make emailing at home a possibility is definitely worth it.

can't wait to set up our new computer...

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