Wednesday, October 31, 2007


has anyone seen the halloween episode of pete and pete lately? my husband and i just watched it last night in preparation for this, the most joyful of holidays, and let me just say that i'm a believer. i heart halloween.

dressing up for halloween has always been a big ordeal in my family. it's pretty much always thought about and planned for weeks in advance. the first halloween costume i remember dressing up in was a crayola crayon, ca. 1988. the next was a little devil with red hearts painted on my cheeks (though i'm not really sure why the hearts were necessary).

the remaining list of halloween costumes i can remember (definitely not in the correct order) are as follows: ballerina; gypsy with a beauty mark painted in black eyeliner on my cheek; a fifties girl (with the same beauty mark); a french maid; a mad scientist (don't ask me why); an eighties girl with lightening bolt makeup; an angel; a goth; and a showgirl/ model from the price is right.

my costume this year was a choice between a vampire (cause i'm secretly amoung the thousands of 12 year old girls obsessed with the twilight series) or a harry potter character (again with the 12 year olds). after much consideration, i will be the dreaded bellatrix lestrange, and my husband, zack, will be lucius malfoy:

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i got this pirate wig at savers and, after removing the pirate bandanna that was attached, spent 1 1/2 hours last night ratting it and making it more presentable. i also got a dress at d.i. that may or may not have been a temple dress at one point, dyed it black, and basically deconstructed and reconstructed the whole thing. i'm pretty excited. i'll have to post pictures of how it goes. we're helping to put on a halloween party tonight with some friends and i can't wait. it's going to be a good time all around.

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