Tuesday, September 13, 2011

november 2010

November was a good month cause we felt a little more settled. We took a little trip to Paris cause Zack was representing his former employer and scoping out some galleries for him. So naturally I tagged along.

We also got our little car and had to get used to driving here. It's a white Nissan Micra- 1993 car of the year, and is about the size of a 4 door mini. We're pretty proud of it, though some people judge us for it. Whatever, it does the job. I was pretty nervous driving at first though. Luckily it's an automatic.

Over Thanksgiving my sister Trish came to visit, which was so nice. We saw Tintern Abbey, spent some time in Cardiff, and London. And of course we had a nice little Thanksgiving dinner. I slaved over the turkey pringles all day. Yum!

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