Wednesday, February 17, 2010

reading again!

yay! i've gotten really into reading again. now i can stop feeling bad about myself for my lack of interest. i'm currently reading about 5 books, some not as challenging as others, i.e. wimpy kid.

i'm obsessed with books on tape too. they're so enjoyable on my super long commute. too bad i'm rapidly running out of my stock. while in utah a couple of weeks ago, i checked out several from the orem library (a great source if you're in the area) and downloaded them to my ipod. i have listened to "on chesil beach" by ian mcewan, "the scarlet letter" by nathanial hawthorne, and "washington square" by henry james. i am currently listening to "a very long engagement" by sebastien japrisot. then all i have left is the second harry potter, which i've definitely already read. anyone know of an online source for audio books?

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