Friday, January 8, 2010

a little taste of amsterdam and antwerp

in november zack and i went to amsterdam and antwerp with my sister trish. it was meant to be a work trip for the two of them, cause their boss was having a show opening in den haag. but their boss didn't end up coming. so it was mostly like a vacation. it was pretty awesome.

this is what basically every block looks like in amsterdam. so pretty. and the building are all wonky. they said they were taxed on the width of the building so they built them thin and deep. and lots of these are older than the u.s. of a.

eating french fries with mayo. this was our first item of business i'll have you know.

the furniture hooks they built onto the buildings cause the buildings were too narrow to get furniture upstairs. they had to pull it up outside and put it in through the windows.

in antwerp, belgium zack and i took a tourist tram. it was really bumpy on those stone roads, but amazing none-the-less. this was our driver.

belgian waffles in belgium. zack's was warm and gooey. mine was cold, but covered in chocolate.

one of the many cathedrals in antwerp. so pretty. a man was playing his violin outside the doors and it really felt like we were in a dream or something. the music fit perfectly with the surroundings.

the same cathedral at night.

a not so old building in den haag. really, 1818 seems new there.

waiting at the train station in amsterdam to go back to the airport.