Monday, September 21, 2009

the space in between

so it's been a long long time since i've posted. it's not that i haven't had things to post about, it's just that i lost interest. we'll see if i'm coming back around, or if this is just a fluke. to start over, here are a couple of pics i took over labor day weekend with my friend gaby. she and i decided to try taking pictures for the fun of it once again.

this is the view from the park across the street from my apartment of the g.w. bridge. i can't see this view from my apartment, only if i walk to the top of the hilly park, but i still like it.

and this is a dumpster i saw in the park. while gaby was shooting something beautiful, no doubt, this is was caught my eye.

so there you go. first post in months and it contains a dumpster.


Alisha said...

i like your dumpster picture.

The Girl: said...

Ahh, the dumpster photo is lovely.

Gabrielle Germaine said...

I think your dumpster is beautiful. Remember how shooting was so good that day and now we like taking pictures for fun, not just for work!