Monday, February 9, 2009

more from photo shoot with gaby

paris arcades relics.  all one euro each.  i could have purchased a whole suitcase full of stuff.

i sort of liked that one in black and white too.  


Jendar said...


my name is jendar and im trish's friend. anyhow, i found your blog and I really like these photos.

brenda barrett-taylor said...

hey jendar,

i know who you are through other people, but i'm not sure if we've ever met. thanks for commenting on my photos. hopefully someday we'll actually meet.

LittleWords. said...

Hi Bren - commenting from Paris at the moment, having a quiet night in with Sam on our last night here, we went to a flea market in Saint Ouen yesterday and bought myself a few of these little postcards. I agree, it was hard not to buy a million of them.