Saturday, August 23, 2008

vicky cristina barcelona

zack and i are, of course, really into woody allen movies and this one did not disappoint.  it was really lovely actually.  it made me want to move to europe so badly. 
p.s. smoking has to be the most disgusting thing, but doesn't penelope cruz make it look hot somehow?


ashmae said...

good. i'm glad to see your review. davey and i want to see this. he loves almodovar.

.Mackenzielark. said...

pretty much penelope cruz makes anything look hot.

nicole hill said...

last night i had a dream that i got a huge rose + thorn tattoo on my shoulder that extended over my back.

that's not very green.

on another note.. there is no way scarlett's arm is that thin... 'specially with those boozies.

brenda barrett-taylor said...

it's so true. retouching is so obvious sometimes. especially when one person is on the cover of more than one magazine and they look like they've lost or gained 15 pounds just between the two photo shoots. so non-environmental.