Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ice cream makes everything better

the other day capree and i were having a trip down memory lane, listening to some smashing pumpkins as we worked. suddenly there was a very child-like tune creeping in the background. knowing that this didn't fit, we looked out the window. to our astonishment, an ice cream truck was making it's way down the industrial freeway side street that we work on. what children it was expecting to find, we don't know, but we grabbed our bags without question and ran. we scraped together our change and, with a sparkle in our eyes, chose our ice cream and skipped away giggling.


Capree said...

That was pretty much the happiest day of 2008! Why the ice cream man was driving down an industrial side street, we'll never know. But the joy of those sweet treats is immeasurable!

nicole hill said...

i am so sad i wasn't there at that very second or i would have been running with you two, too!

Gabrielle Germaine said...