Saturday, March 22, 2008

wedding entry number one

i had a very fun time planning all the details of the wedding, even if it was stressful. i think it's good to report on this after, cause i don't remember much of the stress. here are a few things i do remember though:

a few days before our wedding i went to the springville art museum to pay the final deposit and found the major road leading to said museum was under construction. major construction with unmarked detours. awesome.

that same day an old woman in my ward called me to tell me the provo temple was ripping out all of the flowers and to go over there and protest. instead of thinking this was silly to actually go there and talk to someone, i did it. there was no stopping them though. luckily they didn't get to the back before our wedding day.

in addition to these minor details, it was the day of byu's homecoming as well as a major storm. since i always secretly wanted rain on our wedding day, i didn't mind that part so much, the clouds made for good pictures anyway. it was the traffic and the lack of attendance due to the game that did me in.

the night before the wedding i stayed up until 4:00 making thank you cards. i then got up at 6:30 to shower and go get my hair done. my sister anne took me and paid for it, what a sweetie. i went home and made some final preparations, taking care not to do anything to make my stomach more ill than it already was.

my parents and i got to the temple at the same time as zack and his parents. his mom had forgotten her recommend. we went in and started with the paperwork while we waited. the sealing was performed by the same old man i received my patriarchal blessing from. it was nice to have so many family members and friends with us there, we filled the largest room available.
after the sealing and the pictures (taken by gaby, elisa, trish, and alpha), zack and i made a small detour to visit his grammie, as she is 93 and sadly can't get around much. she wanted to be a part of it, and it was the least we could do.

next we made our way to bombay house for the wedding luncheon. the guys there let us play our own music, a mix i had put together of old jazz love songs. we ate delicious indian food, skipped the toasts, and ended by handing out a mix cd zack and i had put together.

we then worked our way towards to museum to set up. it took over an hour to get there. once we arrived, we were informed our decorations weren't allowed because they were going to touch the walls and banisters. we could have used that information earlier. luckily, my older brother, blake went to the local hardware store and, with the help of my other brothers, rigged some poles to hang lights and lanterns from. in short, they rescued me from a tearful scene in the kitchen where my sisters anne and melissa, and my friend gaby were decorating the beautiful chocolate mousse cake, made by the lovely caitlin wise.
the reception flew by and i greeted what seemed like thousands. i never even saw the food table, but i hear it was great. luckily anne packed zack and i a lunch sack of food to take with us when we left for out honeymoon. we were starved and the modge podge of molten chocolate cakes, pudding filled cookies, pumpkin cheesecake, cheese and fruit were more than we could hope for as we drove through the car wash on our way to salt lake. the next morning we ate brunch at an amazing restaurant, vienna bistro, and flew out to san fran. maybe i'll talk more about that later...


Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

SF is where my husband and I spent our honeymoon as well. My FAV city!!!!!
My husband had never been, so I h fun had so much fun showing him around.

Hope you guys had as much fun as we did.


brenda barrett-taylor said...

we loved it! neither of us had been in ages, so it was like the first time. i'll have to post pics and talk a little about the things we did...

Gabrielle Germaine said...

Remember how you love throwing parties.. and this one was for sure your best! It was so fun and so beautiful!..... stupid game traffic!